Digital content iPad app delivers marketing campaign for Intel

IDG Connect, an IT reports company, were looking for new ways to promote their White Paper library product and wanted an app that would truly add value to their White Paper product line. We designed and built a new iPad app in collaboration with them, which gave users full access to IDG’s global IT White Paper library.

The Process

Through previous research we were shown that the IDG users were busy people who often reading documents that they had found earlier when they had free time, such as on a train or at times when internet access was not available. With that in mind, we then began the design process, initially starting with paper sketches, then proceeding into implementation of prototypes. We took this into usability testing and experimented with some different design approaches before settling on a formula that was intuitive and easily navigable.

The Outcome

We delivered a flexible editing environment and scalable application that allowed IDG to rebrand and resell while label versions for their customers. The application gives organisations the chance to connect with a wider range of IT professionals, and give readers the flexibility to locate business content whenever they need it.



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