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You’re in control whenever you’re gaming, but how easy is it to stay in control of your spending? Studio Gallant worked with Move Animation to produce an animated explainer video for HSBC's Smart Gaming series. An initiative to help their younger audiences with actional tips and help navigate online games safely, spot the bad guys and keep their online identities safe.


Agency Client
Move Animation

Concept Design
Character Development
Environment Design & Illustration
Art Direction
Asset Creation

Jason Harding
Jared Tomkins

Studio Gallant collaborated with Move Animation to create an educational animation for HSBC's Smart Gaming series. An initiative to educate and inform younger audiences on the topics of online game safety, providing actionable tips to help them avoid online gaming scams and fraud.

Single Image
Single Image

The animation had to be visually engaging, informative, and easy to understand. Our solution was for a centrally placed character, set within a recognisable 3D gaming environment, that would speak directly to the audience.

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As part of the 3D environment, we created a fully animated HUD interface to carry multiple prompts to support the story messaging throughout the animation.

The result

The animation was successful in communicating the message to HSBC's younger audience. Its visual design and clear messaging resonated well with the audience, making it a successful collaboration between Studio Gallant and Move Animation.