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A new identity for Studio Gallant (Part 1): What’s in a name?

Over the past few month we’ve made some big decisions about the identity and direction of our company. Our business has grown slowly but steadily since our humble beginnings in 2004, where we started out in the spare bedroom, before quickly renting desk space, then progressing on to our new home. Throughout that growth, while so much about what we do has changed and improved, we’ve held on to the same identity that we made in the very beginning, and while it served its purpose, it no longer represented the calibre of our work or the clients we do it for.

We built a reputation for high quality and reliability with the Subcircle Creative brand, but it wasn’t something we valued as much as we should have. Clearly, we had moved on from the company we’d set up all those years ago in the spare bedroom and it was time to redefine ourselves, and position the brand where we needed it to be in the industry. We needed a brand that was bold and brave.

What’s in a name?

Our brand is about who we are and what we believe. We need our brand to clearly communicate our values and tell our story effectively, in one clear voice. We knew however that this was going to be no mean feat.

We started initially with a workshops lead by business development consultant, Paul Hopwood, who helped us focus on our primary objectives and identify a sustainable advantage over our competitors. We spent a great deal of time defining our values and how we wanted to be perceived by those who we work with. Once we had it all down on paper we could then put together a plan around our core values : Integrity, Ingenuity and Reliability. These three words are who we are and would need to come through loud and clear in everything we do.

The choice of name can make or break a business. The name needed to be memorable, and it needed reflect our personality and values. We knew we had to be brave with our choice so deciding on the right name was an incredibly important at an early stage as this would serve as a benchmark for every creative decision we made. After much consideration, we finally decided on StudioGallant. Perfect!

A new identity for Studio Gallant (Part 2): The Process